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The policy of the National Psychological Journaleditorial board (from this point forward referred to as the Editorial  Board) is based on the international practise regarding copyright protection as well as  ethical principles supported by: 1) the community of leading publishers of scientific periodicals Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), 2) Budapest Open Access Initiative; 3) chapter 70 ("Copyright") of the Civil code of the Russian Federation. It also takes into account previous experience of reputable international journals and publishers.

Ethical principles of the Editorial Board of the journal

The National Psychological Journal Editorial board follows the ethical standards adopted by the international scientific community both in its functioning and relations with all the participants of the process of scientific publications preparation: authors, reviewers, editors publishers, distributors and readers.

The Editorial Board follows these ethical principles:

If there are claims of editorial ethics violation concerning the reviewed manuscripts or published materials, the Editorial Board acts in response. The Editorial Board communicates with the authors of the manuscript regarding the complaint or demand, and communicates with representatives of the scientific organisations and research centres  where the study was conducted.

Ethical principles of reviewing articles

The National Psychological Journal Editorial Board believes that reviewing articles is not only a necessary condition for their publication but also an opportunity to improve their quality, which, in turn, can guarantee a high scientific level of the journal. 

Reviewers shall follow these ethical principles:

Ethical guidelines for the authors of the journal

Determining the authorshipAll those who have significantly contributed to the  research or the text of an article should be listed as authors.  The authors shall determine the order of their names. 

Unacceptable forms of authors' participation include:

The responsible author acts as a contact person between the publisher and other authors. They should inform co-authors and involve them in the decision making of publication issues (for example, when responding to reviewers' comments).

Reviewers shall follow these ethical principles:

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