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The National Psychological Journal is a scientific and analytical periodical of the Faculty of Psychology at Lomonosov Moscow State University. It has been published since 2006 and is available both in in-print and open access online versions. 

The National Psychological Journal is included in the current List of reviewed scientific periodicals that publish the main scientific results of theses for candidate's or doctoral degrees (as for 19/04/2010) in the following scientific specialties: 05.26.00 - Life Safety; 19.00.00 - Psychological Sciences; 13.00.00 - Education Sciences.  

The journal is supported by the Russian Psychological Society public organization and by  the European Federation of Psychologists' Associations (EFPA).

Mission of the Journal and issues it examines

The mission of the National Psychological Journal is to form a professional informational environment that consolidates and transmits scientific achievements and practical experience psychologists and representatives of related professions have gained aiming to solve current problems and challenges which face modern society as well as each one personally. 

The scientific approaches implemented in the journal allow to combine the traditions of the Russian psychological school and global trends in the development of psychological science and practice. 

The National Psychological Journal strives to cooperate with international scientific schools and professional public organizations in order to contribute to the integration of the national psychological school into the global community. This integration is needed to improve the research quality and the effectiveness of the expertise of scientific works, to expand the potential for implementing advanced scientific achievements. 

The Journal publishes:

  • Original theoretical, analytical and empirical articles and reviews in various fields of psychological science and practice, as well as of related sciences.

  • Programmes evaluation and descriptions of the best practices in the field of applied psychology.

  • Reviews of scientific articles and books on psychology.

  • Materials on international scientific conferences and conventions.

  • Previously unpublished works of classics of Russian and foreign psychology.

The Journal encourages the publication of interdisciplinary research that reveals the psychological component of related sciences like pedagogy, philosophy, history,  natural science, philology, political science, economics, medicine, cultural studies. They shall be focused on developing relevant and comprehensive knowledge about the humanbeingas well as promising methods and technologies to apply them in the psychological practice.

The target audience of the Journalis a wide range of specialists: psychologists and representatives of other professions (teachers, cultural and political scientists, sociologists,  doctors, managers, lawyers, representatives of security agencies). Among them there are researchers, teachers, practitioners, postgraduates, applicants, undergraduates and students, as well as all those who are interested in the psychological problems of modern society and the individual in it. 

Publication topics include:

  • Fundamental and applied research in psychology.

  • Discussion of methodological problems of psychology and related sciences.

  • Actual problems analysis from the perspective of the psychological science.

  • Research on priority directions of psychological science in the field of studies on mass consciousness, national health, education and national security of Russia.

  • Innovations in higher education and problems of University training of psychologists, including the question of professional standards.

Main sections of the Journal

  • Developmental Psychology and Pedagogical Psychology
  • Gender Psychology
  • History of Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Engineering Psychology
  • Media Psychology
  • Medical Psychology
  • Methodology and Methods of Psychology
  • Neuropsychology
  • Professional Identity
  • Psychology of Virtual Reality
  • Psychology of Health
  • Psychology and Law
  • Personality Psychology
  • Psychology of Education
  • Psychology of Deviant Behaviour
  • Sport Psychology
  • Psychology of Creativity
  • Psychology of Extreme Situations
  • Psychophysiology
  • Family Psychology
  • Social Psychology

Open Access

The National Psychological Journal is an open access periodical. All the materials are available online in html and pdf formats from the moment the issue is published. 

Users may read, download, print, copy, distribute the materials of the website, as well as share links to the full texts of the articles and use them for any other legitimate purposes (according to open access definition from Budapest Open Access Initiative ( without violating the Journal's publication ethics.

The entire workflow with the article —that is, submitting, reviewing and publishing of the article —is completely free of charge for authors.

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19/00/00 Psychological Sciences; 
13/00/00 Education Sciences;
 05/26/02 Safety, protection, rescue and life support of the population in emergency situations (Psychological Sciences), 

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Distribution of the Journal

The in-print version of the issues of the National Psychological Journal can be sent to researchers, teachers, postgraduates and students. 

Requests for purchasing specific issues of the Journal are accepted by email:

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